How to modify your ETA for Canada?

If you need to modify or change certain information on your ETA application here is some advice that will assist you when these modifications are possible, and explain the procedure to follow if they are not.

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In certain particular situations you may need to update your ETA authorisation to be able to visit Canada.  This mainly concerns an ETA that has expired or is applicable with changes to certain personal or administrative information. To learn more on this subject we offer you the opportunity to read more here about the cases in which you are required to complete these modifications and how to complete this procedure with some useful advice and explanations.


In which cases are you required to update your ETA?

In theory, once approved, your ETA travel authorisation for Canada is valid for a period of five years and can therefore be used for numerous visits during this time period as long as you respect certain conditions such as the maximum length of stay which should not exceed 90 days. However there are certain cases in which it is imperative that you update your ETA. Here are the details of these particular cases:

  • Change of passport: If the passport you used when completing your ETA application has expired or you have lost it then you should apply for a new passport. Your passport number is directly linked electronically to your ETA so it is therefore necessary to modify this information. 
  • Change of identity: If you recently changed your personal identity information due to a change of first or last name or following your wedding then you will need to notify this change on your ETA or risk being refused entry into Canada.  This is also the case with a change of gender which is also considered to be a change of your personal identity.  
  • Change of nationality: If you obtain a new nationality your ETA will no longer be valid for travel to Canada as it is and you will be obliged to modify it.
  • Changes in your answers on the questionnaire: When you complete your ETA application you will be required to answer certain questions where the answer is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If one or more of your answers to these questions changes then you will also need to modify your ETA.
  • Finally, you should update your ETA when its validity period has expired.


Is it possible to update an ETA authorisation?

Unfortunately it is not possible to update only some of the information on your ETA application. Once this authorisation has been obtained the information stated cannot be modified.

If your situation is the same as one of the cases previously quoted and you wish to visit Canada then you will be required to complete a new ETA application online and supply all the information requested.

You will of course be required to again pay the costs for the transfer and processing of your application. Once obtained this new authorisation is again valid for 5 full years.

Take care to read carefully all the information you have given in your ETA application before submitting your completed form.


How to avoid the need to update your ETA?

As we have examined above, changing information given on your ETA application can be a complicated procedure as once it has been submitted you can no longer access it. This is why we offer you here some advice to follow for when you complete your next online application that will assist you in avoiding the need to update certain information. 

Firstly, it is primordial that you take the time necessary to carefully complete the entire ETA application form online without making any mistakes due to inattention. Complete your form at a time and in a place where you will not be disturbed and switch off your telephone to avoid any distractions. This procedure only takes a few minutes but will require your full attention to ensure you respond correctly to all the questions asked. Particularly ensure that you state clearly and accurately your email address and that your given passport number is correct. At the end of the questionnaire you will have the opportunity to verify all your answers to the questions, do not skip this step as you may inadvertently have made mistakes that could lead to a refusal of your ETA and cannot later be changed.

The validity of the passport you will use for your ETA application is extremely important as it is to this passport number that your authorisation will be linked electronically or digitally. We should also mention the advantages of applying for a new passport if your current passport is close to its expiry date, even if it covers your initial visit to Canada. Remember that your ETA, once obtained, is valid for five years and can therefore be used for other future visits, unless your passport number has changed.

Finally, to ensure you always have a record of the information given when you completed your initial application and can thereby check the accuracy of this data at any time we highly recommend that you print the summary of the questions and answers of the online questionnaire and note down the reference number that is given to you on the completion of the application procedure. In this way you can avoid completing a new application through not knowing if it is necessary or not. This will also enable you to know the validity dates of your ETA and thereby be able to use it again without undertaking any further procedures.

By following this advice you will succeed in avoiding many of the situations that would require a change in your ETA authorisation.  

If you need to change certain information stated on your ETA application here is some advice that will assist you in knowing when these changes are possible and the procedure you need to follow in the case to the contrary.

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